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About Grinder Spoons

My mother Dana was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer in February 2019. I was her primary caregiver and throughout her treatment, medical marijuana was an essential resource. While waiting in her dispensary one day, we realized there was an opportunity to help cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. 
One of the common side effects that my mother dealt with was gradual neuropathy, or loss of feeling in her hands and feet. She realized how regular tasks in life became difficult and sometimes impossible. Grinder Spoons was our project to help provide a tool that allowed cancer patients the ability to utilize medicinal marijuana without needing help from others. Maintaining one's dignity throughout cancer treatments was something my mother was passionate about. With my skill in arts and crafts, we designed Grinder Spoons. 
She passed away in January of 2020, just three weeks after we began our journey. 
I hope that this tool can help others like her during their battle with cancer. As friends and family saw the creations, it became obvious that Grinder Spoons are an exceptional tool that everyone can use. 
In honor of my mother, I have continued to develop my line. I wish she was here to see how far we have come.
For every Grinder Spoon sold, I will be donating a dollar to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, a valuable resource my mother relied on through the tough times. Please join me in my movement to help others like her.

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